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"We recently went through the exciting, (though stressful) process of purchasing a home. We were so happy to have Thomas Pyne referred to us by a friend. He went well beyond what we expected our home inspector to do. He met with us at a time that was convenient to us (though probably not to him), his report was extremely thorough and easy to understand. His knowledge about every different area of the house and it's inner components was pretty amazing. We were extremely grateful for the peace of mind Thomas Pyne was able to give us concerning our home-not because everything was perfect, but because we knew exactly what needed to be fixed, how to do it, and when it needed to take place."

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Home-Alyze® Offers Professional Home Inspection Services In Lethbridge, Taber & The Surrounding Area.

Thomas Pyne,

Home Inspection Expert

Home-Alyze® has inspected thousands of homes since its start over 29 years ago and has become one of the most trusted names in home inspection in and around the province. When you want a home inspected in Lethbridge, be sure to call the home inspection experts at Home-Alyze®.


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  • Friendly, qualified home inspectors


Let us show you the Home-Alyze difference...!


  • Our friendly Home-Alyze inspectors are ready to conduct a detailed inspection of your home, and we urge you to join us during the inspection so you can learn about your maintenance needs.
  • Our commitment to customer satisfaction combined with our knowledge and experience in home construction and related field will help you feel home.



Why you need a Home-Alyze Check•Up®…




Checking regularly for safety hazards is one of the primary purposes of having a Home-Alyze Check•Up. Among other things, our home inspection expert will look for:

  • Electrical hazards
  • Factors impacting indoor air quality
  • Evidence of moisture intrusion and numerous other conditions that can lead to dangerous situations


Buying a home


A Home-Alyze Check•Up provides you with one of the most comprehensive reports in the home inspection industry. It will:

  • Alert you to potential hazards
  • Provide you with comprehensive information that will help you to plan your home's regular maintenance


Selling your home


When you are selling your home, a Home-Alyze Check•Up can help you:

  • Sell your home faster
  • Reduce haggling
  • Find problems that you can choose to fix or acknowledge


Maintenance & Planning


Over time, items in your home begin to age, deteriorate and eventually need replacing. A Home-Alyze Check•Up helps you to:

  • Catch small problems before they become larger and far more expensive to fix
  • Give you realistic life spans for expensive upgrades like your furnace, roof and other items so you can plan ahead and budget properly for them




When planning home renovations, a Home-Alyze Check•Up can help you to:

  • Prepare for budget items
  • Learn how your planned renovations might affect the rest of your home
  • Investigate whether there may be hidden expenses you may not have thought about with your renovation
  • Find and fix problems









1330319 Alberta Ltd., is an independent franchise operating under the tradename, Home-Alyze®.