"We have decided to purchase the house and will find your report to be a valuable reference for our future renovation plans."

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What We Offer




Who needs a home inspection?

Home-Alyze® offers home inspections to people who are…

  • Buying - This is an important part of the purchasing process. A Home-Alyze inspection gives the buyers more detailed information about the home they are about to purchase.
  • Selling - Often called a 'pre-listing inspection', these Home-Alyze inspections give the current owner a good idea of what the purchaser may find, avoiding surprises and allowing them to make any necessary repairs before listing their home. Click here for more information on the advantages of this pre-inspection product.
  • Renovating - A Home-Alyze inspection before renovating your home could save you thousands of dollars. Knowing what repairs may also be needed in addition to or related to your planned renovation, upgrade or addition will help with your budgetting.
  • Homeowners - The Home-Alyze Check•Up™ is a detailed inspection of your home done on a regular basis. This product is all about preventive maintenance versus reactive maintenance. You can imagine your repair bill if you never checked or changed your oil and only took your car in when the engine failed! Click here for more information about the Home-Alyze Check•Up™.
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    A typical Home-Alyze inspection takes two-three hours to complete.


    It is designed to produce a report that includes an assessment of the home's foundation, exterior, heating system, ventilation, plumbing, electrical system, interior, insulation and roof. We also inspect fireplaces, hot tubs, air conditioning and other components that are found in some homes.


    Every aspect of your home is inspected thoroughly. Take, for instance, the "electrical system". The main electric panel is one of the first items that a Home-Alyze inspector will look at. Visually accessible wiring and a representative number of outlets connected to the system are examined. Ground wires, polarity, auxiliary panels, and smoke detectors are inspected as are ground fault interruption devices. We estimate the type and age of wiring in the home and whether or not safety upgrades are appropriate. All fuses or breakers are checked for proper amperage, and we look for loose or frayed wires and if aluminum wiring has been used.


    This thoroughness is extended to every part of the home as your inspector methodically moves from the furnace and ventilation system, foundation and wood structure, plumbing, insulation and exterior right up to the attic and the roof and any features that may be unique to the home.

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    Our Home-Alyze inspectors…

  • Are well trained
  • Typically have several years of construction and/or technical experience
  • Are service focused
  • Take pride in their work. Simply put, we believe we have the best home inspectors in the business

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    The Home-Alyze Inspection Report is a comprehensive profile of the internal systems and structure of your home. It identifies required repairs, including an estimate of major repair costs and a priority rating to indicate the relative importance of each item. It also includes a maintenance guide for your home, as well as a life cycle and cost of replacement chart for the home's various components. On the other hand, the inspection report may indicate that your home does not require any repairs in the near future. Either way, you gain peace of mind about the condition and safety of the home.



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    To obtain the greatest benefit from your Home-Alyze inspection, you should:
  • Plan to be present for the inspection and ask any questions that may come to mind along the way. Our inspectors enjoy their work and love to share their knowledge.
  • Allow time for your inspector go through the Home-Alyze Inspection Report with you at the conclusion of the inspection. This report is provided only to you and all the details in the report are kept in confidence. The inspector will explain what he did, what he found, and what may need to be done. This provides another opportunity for you to ask questions and to clarify information, adding significant value to the inspection process for you.

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