“We were worried about moving into an older home, and the inspector’s findings gave us peace of mind.”

The Vaessen Family,
Penticton, BC











Our Story



In August of 1978, my wife and I were watching a news documentary about a young family who discovered very serious problems with a home they had just purchased. Their investment and their safety was in jeopardy because no one had recognized the telltale signs of these problems before the purchase was made.


I realized then that my knowledge of construction could have saved them from a financially damaging and very stressful situation and that other unsuspecting families could be facing similar problems. Home-Alyze® was established that day and, ever since, has been a dedicated consumer's advocate for homebuyers.


Today, Home-Alyze inspects thousands of homes every year across Canada. I am proud of the reputation our inspectors have earned over the years for providing a fair and accurate evaluation of the homes we inspect, a reputation built by making a commitment to our customers first and foremost.


A home is one of the largest investments that people make and a Home-Alyze inspection will help protect that investment. You don't need to be familiar with construction details, maintenance requirements, repair procedures or costs because our Inspector will guide you through every step of your inspection. You will be able to purchase, sell, renovate, or maintain your home with more knowledge of its present condition and what maintenance or repairs may be required.


Home-Alyze is 100% Canadian.


Peter R. Salmon
Founder, Home-Alyze®

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Industry and Community Involvement

Canadian Association of Home & Property Inspectors (CAHPI) Prairies/Founding President*.


Canadian Police Association /Sponsor


Habitat for Humanity (Calgary) /Director* – free home inspections for new Habitat homes


Habitat for Humanity (Canada) /Director*


Canadian Franchise Association /Director*


CFA Prairies Advisory Council /Chairman*


Calgary Community Land Trust Society /Director*


                            *Peter Salmon




Peter Salmon has received the Steven Greenford Award from CAHPI for dedication to the advancement of the home inspection industry in Canada.


Home-Alyze has received the Corporate Citizen Award from the Canadian Franchise Association.




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