“...my property was examined thoroughly and the resultant report was very helpful and informative.”

Ron Reighley,
Red Deer, AB

Client Comments

Comments received from satisfied clients


"In 2009 Bert Bruinsma carried out a home inspection on a property which I had purchased. My Real Estate Agent provided me with the necessary contact information. He also indicated that his experience with Mr. Bruinsma resulted in good service and complete reports. The latter was exactly my experience. I believe my property was examined thoroughly and the resultant report was very helpful and informative. This was reinforced by the post-inspection debriefing which was carried out in an organized manner. ”

"In 2010 Mr. Bruinsma responded to my request for clarification about several features of my home. Again he was patient and thorough with his responses and totally professional.  I would have no hesitation in seeking Bert's services again. I would also freely recommend his services to others."

Ron Reighley,
Red Deer, AB

“I'd like to compliment the service I received on a recent home inspection. I have always used Home-alyze to inspect buildings I've been interested in puirchasing. Only on one occasion did I use a different firm for a building analysis. It was a big mistake, I din't learn anything about the building that i didn't already know. It made my decision to purchase very difficult. The Home-Alyze system is comprehensive and reliable. My most recent experience was the usual excellent service. I'm looking at a house in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. I feel the service I received was very helpful. The inspector, Bert, was very well informed and provided a very detailed report. Any question I had was answered wit knowledge and professionalism. Thank you for making it easy to make an informed decision.”

Mike Perry

"I am writing this letter of recommendation in response to a request from Mr Bert Bruinsma with HOME-ALYZE, "THE HOME INSPECTION EXPERTS."
Bert made a visual inspection of the property I was interested in purchasing recently. During the inspection I found Bert to be very thorough and helpful in explaining the state of different aspects of the house. He took time to carefully check out the exterior, such as shingles, eaves, soffits and fascias as well as siding, slope for drainage and general safety concerns that he felt we should be aware of in decks, sidewalks and railings.

The same diligence to detail was continued inside the home where he checked the appliances, plumbing, heating, electrical outlets and attic insulation.
Overall, we found that Bert clearly explained the condition of each area he inspected and was more than willing to answer even the most basic of questions. We were very pleased with the home inspection provided by Bert Bruinsma and felt much more informed and comfortable about making a decision on our purchase.
Should I require an inspection for another property I would obtain the services fo Bert Bruinsma with HOME-ALYZE for that inspection

G. McLean,
Red Deer, AB

"This Letter of Reference is to give you my impressions of the Home-Alyze Inspection Service run by Bert Bruinsma here in Red Deer. Selling a house and buying a different one involves spending money. Realtor, lawyers, home inspections all add to the cost of a new home. Bert Bruinsma's house inspection was the best money I spent on our new house. His thoroughness, professionalism and advice allowed us to be really informed about the house we were looking to purchase.
Bert told us before he inspected the house for us it would take 3 to 4 hours to complete the inspection. I honestly didn't think it would take that long. The inspector who looked at our old house for the people who bought it took less than an hour. I was able to be there when Bert began his inspection of our prospective new house, and was very impressed with his thoroughness during the hour I was there. He took three and a half hours to do the inspection, then spent an additional hour going over his report with me afterward. His report covered every aspect of that house, inside and out.
Bert pointed out some deficiencies the house had. We had already made an offer on this house with, as one condition, a satisfactory house inspection. With the information I had from bert I was able to go back to the homeowner and make a new offer that was thousands less than my original one. The new offer was accepted and I felt I "knew" our new house a lot better than I did before Bert's inspection.
I was approached by friends before we chose a home inspector and they recommended a cheaper inspection service. I know there are a number of these home inspectors out there who do it as a sideline (not thier day job) because they are experienced framers, etc. and there are not tough regulations in place governing this type of service. I am so glad I chose Bert, who does this for a living, and is a member of a national organization that abides by rules designed to provide a good service to clients. He did a great job for us, and I would be happy to answer any other questions a person might have about Bert's service."

Brian Beingessner, Journeyman Electrician,
Red Deer, AB [phone number on file]